Shade for Humanity

The answer

Is exactly that. For those of us who can't find what we need in one product. Life is complicated and we need easy. The Answer is a natural moisturizer, natural SPF, and foundation all in one. It is best suited for dry, aging, and sun-damaged skin types. The coverage is light and serves as an all-natural BB creme. It fills in fine lines and wrinkles, creating smooth, hydrated, even-looking skin. This natural skin conditioner uses zinc, the only sun barrier that gives 100% UVA and UVB protection. If you're looking for the best multitasking, protective product that's moisturizing and occlusive, we have The Answer.

Shade for Humanity Liquid Foundation

This formula is lighter with hyaluronic acid to pull water into the skin. It features licorice root extract to help with hyperpigmentation and acne lesions, and blends into the skin. Perfect for all skin types, but suited best for those with oily or acne prone skin. This formula wears like silk on the skin, with no oily breakout throughout the day.

Shade for Humanity Loose Minerals

What separates our mineral line from others is that we don't use mica. Mica is a mineral, however, it is a cheap filler and doesn't reflect light well on the face. Instead, we use vitamins A and E, zinc, and titanium (nature's environmental protectants) as well as bismuth oxychloride to calm the skin, especially for those with acne and rosacea. This formula expedites the healing process post procedure. Suited for all skin types. Use on top of The Answer or the Shade for Humanity Liquid Foundation for full coverage that creates a truly airbrushed look, all while being safe enough to sleep in.