My inspiration

I’m a proud mother of four, skinaholic, product junkie, mad scientist, and lash boss. I’m a terrible snob when it comes to ingredients and only put on the shelf that which has endured my most impossible scrutiny. I cherry pick pieces that I love and customize everything. I’m a summa cum laude graduate from the University of Arizona and take my continuing education seriously. I’m a triple certified lash extensionist, and have certifications in advanced peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplanning and product knowledge. Come see me and I’ll listen to you, educate you, and give you the tools to help you be most successful with your skin and or makeup regimen.

Rock Block

Inspired by big life in Africa and my love of work in the skin business, I marveled at how animals protect their skin from heat, burn and insects using earth’s loose dirt to cover themselves. What I’ve learned throughout my years in beauty and aesthetics is that nature holds the most bountiful anti-aging secrets and they’re usually the most obvious solutions to any issues that we have with our own human skin. I noticed that my sons with pigment in their skin were reluctant to put zinc on their faces as well as other sticky sunscreens that would run in their eyes.


That’s when I made the connection between the animals in Africa and what nature has to offer us in regards to environmental protection. I created a product with dry zinc and titanium dioxide (nature’s sun protection) with iron oxides (natural pigments) to blend into a person’s skin, so as to avoid a white, sticky, shiny look. I found my sons and my daughter and other adult friends in my life loving to be dusted with this dry protection, as old as the earth itself.


I created a back to basic skin care line that doubles as makeup on the skin. This pharmaceutical grade line harnesses the best of what the earth has to offer, all natural, cruelty free, healing, and noncomedogenic. I’m thrilled to share with you my Jill Adelyn Cosmetics natural mineral makeup line, liquid hydration, concealer and loose minerals otherwise known as Rock Block. This is my passion and my joy. Feel your best and look your best while being protected!